Brave Essentials - Natural Intimate Scrub ( 100ml)

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Genital skin is extremely sensitive and prone to infections really quickly. Our Intimate Scrub contains natural Tea Tree and Aloe Extracts which gently clean the intimate area and preserve the natural pH of the skin, keeping it fresh & protected!

  • Relieves Itching and Odour: As a strongly medicated agent, the antibacterial properties of Tea Tree soothes skin and fights infection-causing bacteria to relieve itching and odour. 
  • Optimal Intimate Hygiene: Maintaining optimal intimate health is extremely important as men’s genital skin is susceptible to infections, inflammation and odour. Being naturally acidic in nature, Witch Hazel soothes genital skin to protect it from bacteria, swelling and infections. 
  • Maintains pH Balance: The imbalance of pH is the major cause of infection for men. Aloe vera extracts contain a natural pH of 4.0 and as effective cleansing agents, it helps preserve natural pH levels. 
  • Natural Formulation: An all-natural, SLS/SLES, paraben, chemical, sulphate, fragrance and mineral oil-free formulation

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