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Chicco Anti-Mosquito Baby Gel (50ml)

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  • Mosquitoes can bring with them all sorts of illnesses such as Dengue, chikungunya etc. Since babies/children can't fend for themselves, you need to take precautions to protect your little ones against mosquito bites. Given that babies' skin is delicate and hence should be protected against mosquitoes with products specially formulated to meet their needs. Therefore, Chicco anti-mosquito range has been specially formulated for babies. This anti-mosquito gel works effectively against mosquitoes, including the carriers of Dengue and chikungunya. Moreover, it is dermatologically tested, free from DEET, alcohol and colours, ensuring gentle and delicate protection for infants and children.

    Product Features:
    ?    Protection from mosquitoes:
    Mosquitoes can cause various harmful diseases such as Dengue, Chikungunya & Malaria. Thus, it is essential to protect the babies from all such diseases by protecting them from mosquito bites and keeping them safe. Chicco Anti-Mosquito Gel offers protection from mosquitoes including the ones spreading dengue & chikungunya.

    ?    Natural Ingredients:
    Chicco Anti-Mosquito Gel is made of natural active ingredient that is known to repel mosquitoes while being gentle on baby's skin

    ?    Delicate & Gentle:
    Chicco Anti-Mosquito Baby Gel is a specially designed formula that is s dermatologically tested and ensures gentle & delicate protection for little ones. Has no adverse effects on the delicate skin of babies. 

    •    Dermatologically Tested:
    The Anti-Mosquito Baby Gel is dermatologically tested, free from DEET, alcohol, and colours, making it a trusted product for the protection of your baby.

    ?    Practical for both indoors and outdoors:
    Mosquitoes can harm the babies while being outdoors in open areas as well as indoors. Chicco Anti-Mosquito Gel is Dermatologically Tested. It is free from DEET, alcohol, and colours, making it fit for indoor and outdoor environments. The gel is gentle on a baby's skin and can be easily applied for all-around protection.

    Product description:
    These days due to the changing weather conditions, mosquitoes are found everywhere. No matter how much we clean and try to repel them, the mosquitoes still manage to find their way inside our homes and hide in the areas where they can't be seen. It can be very harmful, especially for new-born babies. Thus they need special attention and protection against these mosquitoes. At the same time, it is not easy to pick products for babies, as the baby's skin is super delicate and needs to be taken care of uniquely. Considering all such factors, Chicco has designed an effective solution for keeping your baby safe from mosquitoes-Chicco Anti-Mosquito Baby Gel. The anti-mosquito gel is a perfect solution for protecting the little ones against mosquitoes including the carriers of dengue and chikungunya. 

    ?    Non Sticky gel enriched with a soothing fragrance.
    The Anti-Mosquito Baby Gel is non sticky with a pleasant fragrance, making it easy to apply on babies' skin and does not bother them. The gel is delicate on baby’s soft skin as it is made of natural active ingredient

    ?    It can be used all the time.
    Chicco Anti-Mosquito Baby Gel is fit to be used at all times, whether it's day or night. The gel is super easy to apply and gentle on the skin of babies, which makes it a good choice for protecting babies against mosquito bites.

    Consumer benefit:
    ?    Anti-Mosquito Baby Gel is an all-rounder product for babies against mosquito bites and protects them against mosquitoes that could be a carrier of various diseases like Dengue and chikungunya.
    ?    The Chicco anti-mosquito gel is available in a compact packaging format and can be easily carried anywhere in the pocket.
    ?    It is effortless to use; it is gentle on the delicate skin of babies,
    ?    It is made from natural ingredients making it safe for babies, 
    ?    It is a reliable product for baby protection and a safe choice by parents for their little ones.
    ?    It Has Been Dermatologically Tested, and It Works Effectively Both During The Day And At Night. 
    ?    It Is Free Of Alcohol And Colours, Providing Gentle And Delicate Protection For Infants, Children, and Pregnant Women.
    ?    The gentle formula is easily absorbed in the skin without irritating the little ones.

    Good to know:
    As soon as the summer and the rainy season are approaching, the parent's primary concern is how to save their babies from all these diseases causing mosquitoes and insects. 

    Chicco anti-mosquito range of products have been specially formulated for babies and offer natural protection for your little ones against mosquitoes, including the ones spreading Dengue and chikungunya. The anti-mosquito range of products from Chicco comprise of  anti-mosquito spray, gels, mosquito repellent stickers, net for strollers and cots etc. These ensure ensuring gentle and delicate protection for your little ones.

    Steps to Use:
    ?    Apply evenly over the parts of the body that need to be protected (hands, legs, feet, neck, etc.)
    ?    Gently smooth over the skin until it has been absorbed.
    ?    Repeat the application every 3 hours if required.


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