Chicco Baby Laundry Detergent (Fresh Spring) (1L)

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Chicco Baby Laundry Detergent with antifungal and antibacterial properties will keep your baby’s clothes germ free and safe. 

Features of the baby laundry detergent:- 
1.    Specially designed for little one's clothes:- Chicco Baby Laundry Detergent has been specially formulated to clean baby's clothes by removing tough stains effectively, odours, and germs while keeping them gentle and delicate on baby's skin. A preferred choice for both parents and babies. 
2.    5X Stain & Germ Fighter:- Has a unique combination of 5 key enzymes working on different stains and germs on the clothes such as baby food, ghee-oil, fruits-vegetables, dirt-dust, and pee-poop. 
3.    Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal:- Kills almost 99% of bacteria and fungi that can get attached on the baby's clothes because of the sweat, drool, or food spill. It helps in keeping the clothes germ-free and safe for the baby. 
4.    Dermatologically Tested on Sensitive Skin:- It gives your little one's clothes a thorough and hygienic wash while keeping them gentle and delicate on the baby's skin. 
5.    Gentle & safe:- Chicco Baby Laundry Detergent is free from Phosphorus, Fluorescence, Brighteners, and Colorants thereby, preventing any discomfort and irritation to the baby's skin. 
6.    Easy to wash:- Chicco laundry detergent is allowed to be used both for the machine wash and hand wash, making it easy for the parents to use at their convenience. 

Product description:-
Chicco Baby Laundry Detergent is specially designed to remove germs and tough stains along with the odour. It aims to leave the clothes delicately fragrant without any additive fragrances. It is manufactured with five special enzymes, which are effectively against almost all types of stains and germs that the baby’s clothes are prone to get such as baby food, ghee-oil, fruits-vegetables, dirt-dust, or even pee-poop. The Chicco baby laundry detergent gives your little one’s clothes a complete hygienic wash with antibacterial and antifungal properties, killing 99% of the germs present on the clothes. It is dermatologically tested and found to be 100% safe on the baby's tender skin. It is free from phosphorus, fluorescence, brighteners & colorants, keeping the clothes gentle and delicate on the baby's skin. 

Advantages of the Chicco detergent:- 
?    The kids are exposed to the danger of catching infections and allergies as their skin is delicate to accept complicated formulas. It is a choice of both parents and babies to make a safe selection to keep it gentle on the skin. The tender skin deserves to have safety and care as they are exposed to more infections and irritation. Chicco baby laundry detergent is invented to prevent this and keeps the baby’s clothes soft and gentle without causing any discomfort to the baby.
?    Chicco Baby Laundry Detergent is free from Phosphorous, Fluorescence, Brighteners, and Colorants, ensuring that the fabric of clothes remains soft and delicate, thereby causing no irritation or discomfort. Hence making the detergent completely safe for use.
?    It comes with a measuring Cap for Precision: The cap of the laundry detergent bottle has markings inside it that help to easily measure the liquid and use the right amount depending on the number of clothes. 
?    Chicco Baby Laundry Detergent can be used for both hand wash and machine wash. For hand wash- take the amount of detergent as directed and mix in water, soak the soiled clothes in it, after washing rinse them with clean water. For machine wash- add the amount of detergent as directed, add soiled clothes, and follow standard washing procedures.

How to wash your baby's clothes using Chicco Baby Laundry Detergent 
Hand Wash:
1.    Dilute 10ml of detergent in 10 litres of water
2.    Add soiled clothes of the baby and soak them for sometime
3.    After washing clothes, rinse with clean water

Machine Wash:
1.    Add approx. half a cap (25ml) of laundry detergent
2.    Add soiled clothes
3.    Follow standard washing procedure 

Good to know:
Chicco Baby laundry detergent has been specially formulated to clean your little one's clothes and keep them soft and delicately fragrant. We made this product with a unique combination of 5 enzymes, to take care of the various stains on them. It can kill 99% germs and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It comes in two delicate fragrances that will keep the clothes fresh and soft. Parents have always preferred Chicco because it provides them with peace of mind and confidence that the products they use on and with their children are of the highest quality.

We have over 60 years of experience, and, as always, we are on the lookout for new solutions. However, our guiding principles haven't changed: a laser-like focus on accuracy and strict adherence to the most stringent safety regulations. 


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