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It's cleanse o'clock with the creamy moisturizing goodness of Ubtan Cleansing Milk. Crafted with traditional ingredients like turmeric and saffron, it gently cleanses to remove impurities without making the skin dry. A perfect ...
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Description This refreshing, non-foaming lotion is blended with berberry, red sandalwood, fenugreek, lodhra bark and almond oil to dissolve makeup and grime. Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Ingredients: Daur Haldi (Ber...
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A deep cleansing anti-bacterial face wash routine for normal to oily skin and acne-prone skin with Sha Zema Medicated wash cream. Containing Clove and Eucalyptus, the Sha Zema removes oil and pollutants, restoring health to the...
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Inspired by ancient Ayurvedic principles, the Spawake Rejuvenating Face Cleanser is formulated with natural ingredients - Kappaphycus Alvarezii Extract and sea minerals- sourced from the seas. The liquid formula lathers instant...
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This Pore Clean Up tonic not only minimizes the pores but also the mushroom extracts give a smoother malt finish to skin. Sold By:  Glokal Technologies: All the “O3+” Products sold on are 100% authentic and ...
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A clearing treatment wash that not only minimizes oil but also clears black spots around acne prone skin. Enriched with orange peel for excellent exfoliation. Sold By:  Glokal Technologies: All the “O3+” Products sold on al...
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This cleanser dramatically improves skin texture and prepares to maximize youth. It also consists of dual action of cleansing and exfoliation. Sold By:  Glokal Technologies: All the “O3+” Products sold on ...
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O3+ Vitamin C Cleanser Foaming Wash is an award-winning face wash with cold-pressed antioxidants and glycolic acid to remove impurities, prevent buildup in pores and support skin’s pH balance while boosting glow and radiance. ...
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This cleanser concentrated with vitamins has a 3 in 1 action that brightens, lightens and whitens skin. It removes dullness and enhances the skin luminosity. Sold By:  Glokal Technologies: All the “O3+” Products sold on allur...
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A facial gel specially created for women in their post 30s! Age Lock Clarifying Treatments Facial gel is an age focused cleansing gel. The visible signs of ageing start to appear in the mid 30s and if ignored, the signs might t...
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Faces Urban Balance Daily Cleansing Mousse is the breath of freshness that your face needs for that soft and supple glow. It effectively combats impurities like dirt, grime and excess oil. With coconut oil and hyaluronic acid, ...
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Faces Urban Balance Daily Scrub cleanser gently eliminates dead skin cells and re-energizes the skin. With natural extracts and organic ingredients, it makes your skin soft, supple and glowing. The finely crushed walnut particl...
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Add Coffee to your exfoliation routine to unveil fresh & energized skin! With a creamy texture, the Coffee Face Scrub exfoliates to get rid of dead skin gently. It also de-tans and removes blackheads to give you glowing ski...

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