Lip Scrubs

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Pump up your lip care routine and wake up to hydrated & healthy lips with this sleeping mask. This mask deeply hydrates and offers much-needed repair to your tired and chapped lips while you enjoy a good night sleep. When c...
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You deserve a Coffee break and so do your lips! Packed with Pure Arabica Coffee, Coffee Lip Scrub exfoliates and cures chapped and flaky lips with a blend of exfoliating Natural Cane Sugar and Coffee grinds. Users experienced a...
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Dry and rough lips just got a coffee saviour! Users experienced 95% more pigmentation reduction after using the Coffee Lip Polishing Oil in comparison to a neutral product. The Coffee Lip Polishing Oil moisturizes and hydrates ...
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Gentle Chocolatey exfoliation for your lips! Choco Lip Scrub gently exfoliates with the particles of Natural Cane Sugar to get rid of dead skin. Loaded with super nourishing Cocoa Butter, the lip scrub removes chapped and flaky...

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