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L'Oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Care Straight Shampoo 1 Ltr big Bottle Loreal Professional X-tenso Care Shampoo (1500ml) restores hair lipidsIt imparts maximum shine Gives deep nutrition Anti-breakage and anti-dryness, Distribute...
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Matrix Opti Care Ultra Smoothing Shampoo 1000ml The Matrix Opti Care Shampoo gently cleanses and moisturizes smoothed or straightened hair. Softens texture, tames frizz, adds shine and manageability to leave hair silky smooth. ...
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Matrix Biolage Smoothproof Shampoo 200ml + Smoothproof Serum 100ml - For Frizz-Free Hair contains: Matrix Biolage SmoothProof Deep Smoothing Professional 6 in 1 Hair Serum for Frizzy Hair: (MRP: 325.00/-) | Quantity: 1 | Expi...
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Loreal Professionnel Serie Expert Gold Quinoa + Protein Absolut Repair Shampoo 1500ml Serie Expert absolut Gold Shampoo,Use Absolute Repair Shampoo for a cleansing effect to make your hair smooth, shiny and extremely silky. Thi...
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Most shampoos are laden with chemicals that can make your frizzy hair even more dry and unmanageable. The Matrix Biolage Smoothproof Smoothing Shampoo not only cleanses your locks but also intensely smooths and moisturizes your...
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Fragile hair is easily damaged and prone to breakage and needs a gentle yet effective hair breakage remedy that not only cleanses the hair but also fortifies the hair fibres. The Matrix Biolage Fiberstrong Shampoo gently cleans...
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Backed by more than 135 years of expertise, Wella Professionals creates recharging moments in salon and at home with high-performance hair care treatments for all needs. Nurture, invigorate and revitalize with specially-develop...
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Loreal Professionnel Series Expert Resveratrol Vitamino Color Shampoo 1500ml A shampoo that mildly removes impurities from hair but doesn’t ward off your hair color. The L’Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Color Shampoo with Incell ...
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Matrix Biolage Colorlast Orchid Colour Protecting Shampoo About the Product: The colour care shampoo helps to preserve and protect colour treated hair. It leaves your hair vibrant & lustrous. Its Cationic condition...
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Loreal Professionnel Serie Expert Sensi Balance Soothing Dermo Protector Shampoo For extremely softer and smoother hair, L’Oreal has developed L’Oreal Professionnel Expert Sense Balance Shampoo for daily use. The Sorbitwin For...
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LOreal Professionnel Serie Expert Gold Quinoa + Protein Absolut Repair Shampoo 1500ml Serie Expert absolut Gold Shampoo,Use Absolute Repair Shampoo for a cleansing effect to make your hair smooth, shiny and extremely silky. Thi...
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Step one in the application process and its alkaline pH (9,00), Cadiveu Professional Brasil Cacau Anti Residue Shampoo opens the hair cuticles eliminating impurities, preparing the hair for the thermal reconstruction. Its main ...
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Loreal Professional Xtenso Sulfate Free Care Shampoo 1500ml It is for unruly and over processed hair. Infused with Keratin Repair and Asta Care, this shampoo helps in maintaining the strength of the hair. Keratin Repair deeply ...
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Sold By:  Glokal Technologies: All the “Matrix” Products sold on are 100% authentic and sourced directly from the Brand or Brand’s authorize channel partner.  
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iolage Advanced scalp pure is the 1st Multi-Corrective solution for 72 hours of scalp balance. Combining the goodness of Nature with Bergamot and the power of Molecular Science with Zinc Pyrithione, Scalp pure combats various s...
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Introducing new & improved Mamaearth Onion Shampoo for even stronger, smoother, and cleaner hair. The new formula improves deep cleansing action by providing 22% more foam without any sulfates or toxins. With up to 8 times ...
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Loreal Professional B6 + Biotin Inforcer Shampoo 1500 ml Introduction of the new L’Oréal Professional series Expert Inforcer Shampoo, to strengthen brittle hair. This strengthening shampoo, enriched with biotin and B6 vitami...
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Chemically straightened hair can be a challenge to deal with. Maintain the soft, silky, and shiny hair of your dreams with the Matrix opti care shampoo. The Matrix smoothing shampoo gently cleanses and moisturizes smoothened or...
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Instant Clear Pure Shampoo IS the perfect solution! Clinically proven to help restore the scalp’s natural moisture balance, this purifying anti-dandruff shampoo gently eliminates dandruff while rebalancing your flaky scalp, lea...
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Instant Clear Pure Shampoo is the perfect solution! Clinically proven to help restore the scalp’s natural moisture balance, this purifying anti-dandruff shampoo gently eliminates dandruff while rebalancing your flaky scalp, lea...
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Shampoos targeting your dandruff often strip your scalp making your hair very dry and frizzy. But with the Matrix Biolage advance scalppure dandruff shampoo, you can have a dandruff-free scalp and nourished hair. The Matrix sha...
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Matrix Opti Long Nourish Protect Professional Nourishing Shampoo is a gentle hair cleanser that removes excessive oil build-up from the scalp and helps nourish dry hair for a healthy, moisturised feel. Features: Professional n...
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Product Description L'Oreal Professionnel Hair Spa Smooth Revival Shampoo 1500ml L'Oreal Professionnel believes in the powerful combination of advanced research and Professionel expertise to create products that your hair alwa...
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Product Details Name : Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Luminous Reveal Shampoo 1000ml Product Name : Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Luminous Reveal Shampoo 1000ml Brand Name : Others Hair Type : All Hair Type Flavour ...
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Elements Renewing Mask is a paraben free repairing mask that intensively restores and preserves the natural inner structure and strength of the hair. Developed by the Wella Professionals, this mask is recommended for damaged ha...
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Loreal Pro Longer Shampoo 1500ml Loreal Pro Longer Shampoo 1500ml Powered by a patented technology FILLER A-100 and Amino Acid, the Serie Expert Pro Longer Lengths Renewing Shampoo is the perfect treatment for hair suffering fr...
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Matrix Opti.Repair Shampoo + Conditioner With Liquid Protein For Damaged Hair Contains: Matrix Opti.Repair Professional Conditioner: (MRP: 565.00/-) | Quantity: 1 | Expiry Date: 15 December 2025 Damaged Hair? Never Heard O...
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Matrix Biolage Frizz-free Hair Regime with Smoothproof Shampoo 400ml, Conditioner 196g & Serum 100ml , Matrix Biolage Frizz-free Hair Regime with Smoothproof Shampoo 400ml, Conditioner 196g & Serum 100ml ,   Sold By:  G...
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Expert smoothing regime to tame frizzy hair. L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Liss Unlimited Shampoo and Hair Mask controls frizzy hair for upto 96 hours* with the power of Pro-Keratin complex. Leaves hair feeling soft, smoot...
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Schwarzkopf Fibre Fine Hair Clinix Tribond Shampoo 1000ml Schwarzkopf Professional – Together. A Passion For Hair. With innovation deeply rooted in our DNA, we have continued to reinvent hair over the past 120 years; holding ov...
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Buy Hair Shampoo for healthy hair at the best price from Allure Cosmetics

The fast-paced environment of modern life makes it challenging for modern women to adequately balance jobs and personal life. When on the hunt, there is no time to deal with hair problems. Shampoos address a wide range of issues, including hair loss, dandruff, frizz, color fading, and an overly oily or dry scalp. They are made with cutting-edge compounds that free hair from the bonds of goop, grease, and build-up, restoring its life and luster while providing a mild and pleasant cleansing experience overall. Using the correct shampoo for your hair type is the first step to getting the best hair. The greatest shampoos clean your hair and scalp while also leaving your hair clean, manageable, and silky. Pick from a variety of shampoos and masks made especially for Indian hair. Pamper your locks with Allure Cosmetics assortment of herbal, paraben-free, sulfate-free, volumizing, and moisturizing shampoos, which are offered online in India at the most competitive price.

Hair Type and Shampoo for healthy hair

How your hairstyle turns out depends on what you’re using to wash your hair. Finding the right shampoo-conditioner for your hair type is the first step to beautiful hair.

For Normal Hair: You're lucky to have hair that requires little upkeep. Look for a sulfate-free formulation that claims to be "appropriate for all hair types" and that moisturizes, smoothes, and detangles hair without robbing it of its natural oils or moisture. Loreal Instant Clear Pure Shampoo is suitable for all hair types.

For Dry Hair: To restore bounce and gloss, dry, brittle strands require a rich, creamy hydrating shampoo and conditioner set. Proteins, nourishing creams, and oils are essential elements. Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturising Shampoo for Dry and Damaged Hair is best suitable for this hair type. Loreal X-Tenso Care Shampoo is also one of the best for dry hair types.

For Oily Hair: A shampoo that removes oil from hair strands, tones the scalp, and avoids clogged follicles is necessary for both men and women with oily hair. Look for formulas that have more astringent and thickening substances, such as wheat protein or panthenol. Loreal Professional Sensi Balance Shampoo helps balance oil in the hair.

For Curly Hair: You require a shampoo that replenishes bounce without adding frizz. Seek out nourishing, low-foaming shampoos and conditioners that are Sulfate-free and contain Silicones and Proteins to replenish moisture in the hair. Matrix Biolage Smoothproof Smoothing Shampoo is best for curly frizzy hair types.

For Rough Hair: Regular shampooing is required for coarse hair. Use extremely moisturizing conditioners that coat hair cuticles to trap moisture for greater softness, as well as ultra-hydrating, creamy shampoos packed with Coconut, Olive, or Shea Butter. BBLUNT Intense Moisture Shampoo for Dry Hair with Jojoba & Vitamin E, No Parabens is best suited for rough hair type. Loreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Shampoo repairs rough damaged hair.

For Colored Hair: Chemically altered hair requires additional care! Choose a shampoo that keeps hair shiny, protects it from the sun, and keeps the color from fading. Additionally, pick conditioners that contain UV filters to stop color fading. Wella Professionals Invigo Color Brilliance Shampoo is suitable for colored hair types.

For Dandruff Hair: Anti-dandruff treatment shampoo formulated for the itchy and flaky scalp that provides Soothing formula that aids relief from the irritating scalp and dandruff also nourishing and moisturizes your hair and scalp, giving soft silky, and healthy hair. Wella Professionals INVIGO Clean Scalp Anti Dandruff Shampoo balance a clean scalp, with zinc pyrithione is a soothing shampoo that combats dandruff and removes visible flakes from the scalp, leaving hair feeling clean.

Best Shampoo Brands available at Allure Cosmetics

Loreal professional Shampoo develops products adapted to these very demanding experts who expect the best products, in order for them to achieve the best performance in a very short time. Allure Cosmetics has these products in 1 Liter & 1.5 Liter variants at prices like never before.

Matrix Professional is offering a wide range of hair care, hair color, and styling products for all hair types. Matrix empowers hairdressers of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of expertise with innovation in hair color and hair care, giving them the tools and self-assurance to deliver next-level looks and realize their creative and professional potential. Allure Cosmetics Brings to you Matrix Opticare, & Matrix Biolage complete range with 1 Liter & 1.5 Liter variants.

Wella Professional introduces their “free of” care system hair care range that instantly repairs and prevents keratin degeneration and damaged hair. Enriched with natural tree extract for repairing the damage. This paraben-free, professional formula intensively restores and preserves the natural inner structure and strength of the hair and helps renew the hair’s vitality. Allure Cosmetics Presents Wella Professional and Wella SP hair products with 1 Liter & 1.5 Liter variants.

Biotique Shampoo: It does not matter whether you are looking for the best shampoo for hair fall control or any other hair issues; Biotique has all the solutions for you. With ingredients derived from natural materials, Biotique makes the best shampoo in India so that you can take care of your scalp and hair, keeping them healthy.

BBlunt: From salons to hair care range, BBlunt has been evolving since 1998. Their hair products range pays very close attention to creating products apt for Indian hair type and includes the most basic hair care products like shampoos and conditioners and a professional hair styling hair care range. Buy Biotique's wide range of products at Allure Cosmetics.

WOW Skin Science: The ultimate, affordable one-stop destination for all your beauty, health, and wellness needs! WOW is a well-reputed brand that is dedicated to redefining beauty, health, and wellness with an extensive range of natural and herbal products, without any harmful chemicals. It aims to promote nature-friendly beauty and healthcare while lining up products that suit both women and men, with all types of skin and hair products. Shop For Wow Skin Science hair care products at Allure Cosmetics.

MamaEarth: Mamaearth is Asia's first made safe certified brand. The brand aspires to take care of every parent's and baby's well-being from head to toe with safe, toxin-free, and international standard products. The products are a unique combination of science as well as Ayurveda to provide solutions to your everyday problems. Every product that the brand brings to you is made from 100% organic and natural ingredients. Buy Mamaearth's wide range of hair care products only at Allure Cosmetics.

GK Hair: A Trail Blazer In The World Of Luxury Natural Keratin-Based Haircare And Styling, Gk Hair Has Always Been About Bringing Forth An Amalgamation Of Beauty And Innovation Inspired By Haircare Science That Promises To Restore Your Hair From Within. Buy GH hair care range at Allure Cosmetics.

Cadiveu Professional: Cadiveu Professional offers a full range of innovative and top-quality hair products. Developed in Brazil, the Cadiveu Professional brand uses natural ingredients and innovative green technologies so you can get the hair you have always wanted. Whether you have fine, short hair or long frizzy curls or anything in between, Cadiveu Professional has the right product for you. Buy Cadiveu at Allure Cosmetics.

O3+: O3 Plus is the No.1 professional skin care company in India since 1962, designed and formulated in Europe by world-class skin professionals catering to dermatologists, skin specialists, and professional beauty salons all across the globe. Each formulation combines the magic of science and the wisdom of nature, which together bestows instant and long-lasting results giving you flawless, rejuvenated skin. Buy a complete range of O3+ at Allure Cosmetics.

Best Selling Shampoo at Allure Cosmetics

Product name


Matrix Opti Care Ultra Smoothing Shampoo 1L


O3+ Damage Remedy Hair Shampoo (200ml)


Loreal Professional Series Expert Resveratrol Vitamino Color Shampoo 1500ml


Wella SP System Professional Smoothen Shampoo For (1000ml)


WOW Skin Science Red Onion Black Seed Oil Shampoo (100 ML)


Buy Hair Shampoo at Allure Cosmetics

Allure cosmetics is a beauty destination for all your skincare, hair care, makeup, and baby care needs to bring a revolution in the e-beauty industry with best-in-class service clubbed with a handcrafted product assortment to cater to all your needs. A one-stop beauty shop for all your requirements just a click away. Allure Cosmetics brings to you 100% authentic genuine products direct from the brands, best-in-class products, best suited for the Indian skin type, with an assortment to match your needs without the clutter of brands. You can place your order through our easy-to-navigate website by adding products to your cart with easy checkout and on-time order processing. For a hassle-free shipping experience, Cash on delivery (COD) is available along with various payment options. You can shop for hair serum, hair cream & mask, hair oil, Conditioner, hair color, hair color tubes, and many more apart from hair shampoo along with professional ranges such as Loreal Professional, Matrix, Wella, Moroccan, GK, De Fabulous, Wella SP.

Frequently Asked Questions by our customers

Can I wash my hair daily?

Washing hair daily with shampoo will make your hair dry and pull away all the moisture and make them look dull in long run. It is advised to wash your hair twice or thrice a week. Use of paraben-free shampoo like Wella Professionals elements calming shampoo 1000ml can make your hair smooth and nourished.

Can shampoo increase hair fall?

No shampoo aggravates hair fall, but using the right shampoo for the right hair type can decrease the damage and make your problem vanish in the long run. BBlunt Hair Fall Control Shampoo With Pea Protein & Caffeine for Stronger Hair is best suitable for hair fall problems.

What is the best suitable shampoo for oily hair?

Avoid hydrating shampoos, moisturizing, smoothing, or beneficial for curly hair if your scalp is oily or greasy. These tend to over-moisturize your already oily scalp. Look for labels that say volumizing, strengthening, or balancing. Buy Wella Professionals Invigo Volume Boost Shampoo for the best results at Allure Cosmetics.

What are the best herbal shampoo brands?

There are many brands selling 100% natural ingredient-based herbal shampoos which are paraben-free, and ammonia-free such as Khadi Natural, Shahnaz Hussain, Biotique, wow skin science, and many more available at Allure Cosmetics. Shahnaz Husain Arnica Shampoo makes your hair healthier and more manageable. Biotique Soya Protein Intense Repair Shampoo does wonders for your damaged hair. Khadi natural shikakai honey hair cleanser sls & paraben free is the best natural shampoo.

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