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Face Primer

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VINCA pro perfection primer is a silicon formulated gel that preps and mattifies your skin before you put makeup. Carefully made with an oil-free formula that compliments all skin tones, blurs pores, and fine lines and helps ma...
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Colorbar Perfect Selfie Primer Oil (35ml) This is a hydrating and firming primer oil that focuses on protecting your skin from blue-light exposure and providing long-lasting makeup results. It contains advanced ingredients that...
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Colorbar Flawless Finish Primer A luxurious face primer that creates a beautiful canvas for your makeup. It preps your skin and blurs the imperfections as the first step in your makeup routine. Use it alone for a natural look o...
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Colorbar Perfect Match Primer (30ml) The Colorbar Perfect Match Primer (30ml) is an oil-free primer that helps create the smoothest canvas for your make-up. Enriched with vitamin E, the Colorbar primer masks fine lines, targets...
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Faces introduces FACES Ultime Pro Perfecting Primer for the love of having a clear, spotless skin & smoother make up. Velvety formula for easy, fast application. Light weight texture, that makes you feel light. Helps to de...
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A non-sticky and refreshing formula enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients, protects the skin from radicals and pollutants.   Give your makeup final finishing touches with this light-weight mak...
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Swiss Beauty Real Make-Up Base Highlighting Primer creates the smoothest canvas for your makeup. With pearl powder, it brightens skin and leaves with a natural glow even when applied alone. The hydrating formula helps in minimi...
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Daily Life Forever 52's Moisture Base is a silicon formulated translucent gel that smoothens the skin and mattifies the complexion. It reduces imperfections by filling the pores and making the skin look flawless. It gives a sat...
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Bringing another revolutionary and innovative formula, this Dailylife Forever52 again impresses with its hydrating primer- Elixir. This primer along with providing a smooth base for your all-day makeup, keeps your skin hydrated...
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Prepare your skin for a long-staying make-up in no time using this All Matte Base by Dailylife Forever52. The exquisitely formulated, advanced mattifying gel brings you the best way to make your skin smooth and prepare it for h...
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#BeautifulBeginsWithYou Naturally glowing skin, coming right up! When the foundation doesn't stay put for a long time, the Faces Canada Ultime Pro Primerizer Primer + Moisturizer, will be the bridge between your skin and makeu...
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Best Face Primer Available in India at Allure Cosmetics

Face Primer makeup is considered the first and most important step to begin your makeup right after toning and moisturizing. Face primer provides a smooth finish to your skin, reducing fine lines, and open pores and making your face look flawless. The best makeup primer is the one that acts as a sheet on the skin to protect it from various makeup products used on the skin such as foundation, concealer, color corrector, blush, etc. Face primer is either clear or color correcting, clear primers are for even skin tones and color correcting face primer is used for particular skin problems like redness, dullness, spots, etc.

Face Primer makeup is not anything new; we can say earlier it was just used in the glamour world for models and actors. Now it has spread its wings everywhere, whether you are a working woman applying makeup daily or a content creator, or a makeup artist (MUA). Face primer has made its space in every makeup kit whether it is for professional or personal use.

Why do we need a Face Primer?

Face Primer when applied on the face gives a smooth finish for makeup to settle better, minimizing all the flaws of the skin. It prepares the skin for an artist just like a canvas is prepared before the artwork begins. Face primer forms a protective layer on your face which acts as a barrier between the skin and makeup products. Makeup products do not smudge due to sweat if a primer is used prior. Makeup primer forms a very thin layer and does not overload the face with so many makeup products keeping your skin feel light.

  • Control Sebum Production and minimizes open pores. Sebum is produced on oily skin and makeup smudges a lot if face primer is not applied. For oil-free skin matte primer is a must before makeup.
  • Skin appears smooth & flawless as primer makeup hides all your problem areas and gives you illuminating silky soft skin.
  • Make your makeup long stay as it prevents the skin from eating up the makeup product. Primer makeup holds the makeup well in place and prevents smudging.
  • Promotes healthy skin as designed with hydrating skin vital essentials. Pores are not clogged by makeup products as it prevents your skin from other makeup products.
  • Makes you forget your age, hiding all fine lines wrinkles, and pigmentations. Primer makeup gives you youthful glowing skin.
  • Makes your color cosmetics give a pop-up effect on your illuminating primer skin. With a glowing base, color cosmetics brighten your overall look.

Face primers are designed to protect your skin as well as help makeup look more finished and enhance the look. There are various face primers to buy according to skin type and concern. Best primer makeup is the one used per skin type to address a particular skin issue. There are cream primers, silicone based primer, illuminating primer & pore minimizer primer. Face premiers are designed as per skin type:

Face Primer for oily skin: when you have oily skin you have larger pores and a larger quantity of sebum is produced in the skin. To control the greasiness you need to use matte face primer with pore minimizing features. You can buy mattifying primer, pore minimizing primer from Daily Life Forever52 All Matte Base - AMB001, SUGAR Cosmetics The Most Eligiblur Correcting Primer- these come with color corrector with a variety of shades. Maybelline New York Fit Me Primer - Matte+Poreless is perfect for oily to normal skin.

Face primer for dry skin: In the case of dry skin, moisture and hydration are key issues. Dry skin looks flaky and stretchy. The best primer for dry skin is one with moisturizer or with hydro essences for hydration. You can buy face primer for dry skin from Faces Canada Ultime Pro Primerizer Primer, Daily Life Forever52 Moisture Base - MPM001 available at allure cosmetics. Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer is perfect moisturizing primer and blur away pores and fine lines.

Face Primer for Combination skin: A combination skin is tricky to handle, your T zone is oily and your cheeks seem tightened and dry. A gel based face primer is best suitable for such skin type. The best primer makeup for combination skin available is VINCA Pro-Perfection Face Primer, Faces Canada Ultime Pro HD Ace of Base Radiance Primer. Colorbar Perfect Selfie Primer Oil protects the skin from blue light exposure and gives a not greasy hydrated finish.

Face Primer for Sensitive Skin: For sensitive skin, extra care is needed which is fulfilled by a hydrating face primer such as Daily Life Forever52 Elixer - FEL002 or a cream base illuminating primer to cover the redness such as Faces Canada Ultime Pro Perfecting Primer. Swiss Beauty Real Make-Up Base Highlighting Primer is best for sensitive skin.

When shopping for a face primer, devote some time to understanding your skin first and what issues you wish to resolve by using primer makeup. Then choose the best primer suitable for your requirement. No one primer works for all skin types and no brand is selling a single primer because they know every individual need is different from other.

Let’s check the Face Primer price to shop from Allure Cosmetics:

Top Brands at Allure Cosmetics Price Range
Faces Canada 250-800
Forever 52 500-900
Sugar Cosmetics 500-800
Vinca 200-600
Lakme 300-800
Maybelline 400-900
Colorbar 400-900
Swiss Beauty 250-500

There are varieties of face primers available with face primer prices to suit every pocket. You can shop for the best makeup primer while keeping in mind your skin type and budget Allure Cosmetics has it all just a click away and delivered to your doorstep.

How to use a Face Primer?

Step I: After completing your skincare routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing, let the products sink in the skin for 2-5 minutes.

Step II: Take a pea size drop of your favourite face primer on your fingertip and spread evenly all through the face, focusing on problem areas, like oily patch areas or open pores or under the eye. When you are done spreading blend the primer completely with the help of a makeup sponge/ beauty blender with a dabbing motion.

Step III: After applying your primer makeup, wait for 2 minutes to sink into the skin so that it forms a thin layer and does not get rubbed away with the rest of the makeup products. Now your skin is good to go for concealer, foundation and compact powder for the next makeup step.

Wide range of Face Primers available at Allure Cosmetics

You get a wide variety of products, as per Indian Skin type, preferred by the masses here at Allure cosmetics. We provide best-in-class service, delivery and packaging untemper, 100% authentic products direct from the brand at a never before price. When you are buying from Allure you are not only purchasing a product but experiencing a world of beauty in itself. Makeup makes you feel alluring just like Allure cosmetics. Face Primer prep you for a makeup regime and Allure preps you for a beauty regime.

Shop for all your beauty needs at Allure Cosmetics

Allure cosmetics is here to bring a revolution in the e-beauty industry with best-in-class service clubbed with a handcrafted product assortment to cater to all beauty needs. A one-stop beauty shop for all your requirements just a click away. We provide authentic, best-in-class products, best suited for the Indian skin type, with an assortment to match your needs without the clutter of brands. You can place your order through our easy-to-navigate website just by adding products to your cart with easy checkout and on-time order processing. For a hassle-free shipping experience, Cash on delivery (COD) is available along with various payment options. You can shop for makeup, skin, hair, mom-baby, Appliances, fragrance, bath-body, men products and allure makeup brushes apart from Face Primer makeup products.

Frequently Asked Question's:

Q. Is using makeup primer important?

Face primer is essential as it forms a thin layer on your skin to protect against other makeup products and give you a fresh makeup look for a longer time. Allure cosmetics has wide range of Face primers to shop from. Primer makeup helps cover fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne spots, and blemishes for a more clear skin base to apply cosmetics.

Q. Is Face primer good for daily wear?

Face primer are for you if you feel too heavy to wear foundation daily, just the application of primer makeup comes to your rescue. It will give you flawless skin still feel light and not harm your skin with layers of makeup. Allure cosmetics brings to you Primers that let your skin breathe.

Q. How to choose a face primer makeup?

Just like any other base makeup, you can choose a primer according to your skin type and the concern you need to address. There are varieties of face primers available at allure cosmetics for oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, and sensitive skin addressing issues like open pores, dullness, hydration, age defining, etc.

Q. Is primer applied on the whole face?

Yes, Face primer is applied all over the face concentrating on problem areas. Primer makeup needs to be dabbed with a sponge (shop for best beauty blender by allure cosmetics) or just outward tap if using your hands for blending. You don’t need to rub the primer like a moisturizer.

Q. How are color face primers used?

Color face primers also called color correcting primers, work well for problem areas. It works on the concept of the color wheel and the complimentary color is picked to address the issue. If you want to hide redness, then the opposite color on the color wheel green color primer will be best, similarly, for dull pale yellow skin, blue color primer work.

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