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#BeautifulBeginsWithYou Faces Canada Liquid Sindoor Red 2.5 ml Blending the love for traditions with a touch of modernity for the woman of today who wears the vermillion with pride. A liquid based sindoor which imparts rich...
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For all the charming wives out there, dazzle in style and wear your love with this blooming red vermillion. Suitable for all skin types in a hassle-free container. The smudge-proof sindoor is perfect for the modern Indian woman...

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Best Sindoor Makeup Available in India at Allure Cosmetics

Sindoor is imperative to Indian culture and tradition. Whether it be a marriage or a traditional ritual nothing is complete without a sindoor. Sindoor is a red powder that is traditionally used in India to signify a married woman. It is typically applied to the forehead, and sometimes also to the hairline, parting, or bun of a woman's hair. Sindoor is usually applied during weddings and other auspicious occasions. We have grown up seeing married ladies applying sindoor daily on their foreheads and to their hair parting. Now that it has become a fashion trend in India, there are different colour shades and forms available. From Liquid to powder form, convenient to apply compared to the traditional powder and handy to carry.

Traditional Importance of applying Sindoor

There are many theories as to why sindoor is applied, we found this best scientifically. Sindoor contains turmeric, lime, and a minute level of the metal, mercury. When sindoor is applied on the bride's hair partition, the mercury cools down the body and makes her feel relaxed. It also triggers a sexual drive among them. And this is why widows or unmarried women are not allowed to wear it.

Sindoor Application with Allure Cosmetics

Application of sindoor after the wedding is part of our culture. For centuries, women have applied to sindoor after their marriage. However, sindoor is a traditional thing. But it can elaborate your look if you wear it in the right way.

Alluring ways to apply sindoor and flaunt a new fashion statement

  1. Minimalist: Just posing a small arrow dot structure at the hairline and forehead, it will do the needful and will not alter your look altogether.
  2. Thin Line: A fine line sindoor along your hair parting looks best with a Liquid sindoor giving it a well-defined look. It is suitable for your Indo-western or trendy naari look.
  3. A Smudged line: A thick uneven line traditionally worn technique of sindoor looks regal with a traditional outfit for a wedding function.

You can apply sindoor in many ways, but sindoor is a thing that suits all skin types, and all complexions and enhances your overall appearance. It fills the blankness created post makeup on your forehead.

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Frequently asked questions by our customers:

Which Sindoor is best to use?

There are many cosmetic brands selling sindoor and customers love them too, some of them are

  1. Faces Canada Liquid sindoor
  2. Shahnaz Husain Formula ShaBride Herbal Sindur
  3. Vinca Liquid Sindoor

Are cosmetic Sindoor smudge-proof?

Generally, cosmetic Sindoor comes as smudge-proof and fade-proof, it stays the same as it is applied. Women moved to cosmetic sindoor instead of traditional powder sindoor to address the need for smudging and color transfer of clothing which is not the case with cosmetic sindoor.

How many shades of Sindoor are available?

Mostly sindoor comes in 2 shades, blood red, and dark red. Blood red Sindoor is typical red color whereas dark red Sindoor is a maroon red with a little black tint it. Check Allure Cosmetics for Cosmetic sindoor and its shades.


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