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Rich Buttery nourishment for your lips! Loaded with a rich concoction of natural butters, the Choco Lip Sleeping Butter intensely moisturizes and nourishes the lips overnight while you embrace your dreamy sleep. When clinically...
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100% of subjects saw significant improvement in skin hydration for up to 72 hours after using the Green Tea Face Serum. Elixir for the skin, this serum provides the much-needed hydration your skin craves. Loaded with soothing G...
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De-stress with the Mocha Coffee Body Wash’s molten hot chocolate feel! Mildly cleansing, the Coffee and Choco body wash improves the skin texture. It comes in a natural, biodegradable and fragrant Coffee Cup, infused with Real ...
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Espresso boost for energizing exfoliation! Packed with Coffee & Walnut, Espresso Coffee Face Scrub deeply exfoliates & polishes to leave you with fresh, soft & smooth skin. It also removes blackheads & whitehead...
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Unveil a caffeinated and dandruff-free scalp with the Coffee Scalp Scrub. Proven to kill 99% of dandruff-causing germs, this scrub relieves itchy scalp, reduces flakes and clears product buildup. Coffee Scalp Scrub exudes the a...
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Get a bold bod with raw coffee! The mCaffeine Naked and Raw Coffee Body Lotion is a non-greasy lotion suitable for a quick & effective moisturization especially for normal to oily skin. With Pure Arabica Coffee at the heart...
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Gift your loved ones the secret of a lovely smile that wins hearts - fresh, soft and smooth lips with the Coffee Addiction Lip Gift Kit. With bold packaging and energizing Coffee aroma, this gift kit is crafted to uplift your g...
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More than 95% of the subjects experienced 72 hours of intense moisturization. A rich, aromatic, and indulgent jar of Pure Cocoa Butter that provides 72 hours of intense moisturization. Infused with Caffeine, the Choco Body Butt...
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Gentle on the skin, hard on the acne! Coffee Foaming Face Wash has a lightweight texture and it kills 99.9% of acne-causing germs effortlessly. It is a natural face wash packed with coffee & caffeine. It controls oil and gi...
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