Allure Professional Makeup Large Blender- 228

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A luxurious makeup brush to contour and blend eyeshadow. Allure Professional Luxe Crease Brush crafts the look you want by adding dimension to the eye or perfecting that sultry, smokey look. The luxurious, fluffy brush gradually builds color or softens it depending on the desired effect, in both scenarios using its tapered shape for the ultimate precision.

Features :

  • Essential tool for creating a professional crease definition and a perfect eye contour
  • Dressed with the finest natural and synthetic hair
  • The vegan Taklon bristles are very soft on the skin
  • The brushes are ideal for a daily makeup routine as well looks with extravagance
  • It's the perfect gift for any aspiring MUA or jet-setting beauty maven
  • To avoid confusion, each one has its name (defining its purpose) helpfully written on the handle

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