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Chicco Body Lotion Natural Sensation (500ml)

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Chicco Natural Sensation Body Lotion contains a blend of natural moisturizing active ingredients such as Shea butter, Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil, and Rice Oil for a 24-hour moisturizing effect on baby's skin.

Key features of the product:
?     Active natural ingredients : 
Shea Butter: For 24 hr moisturization and regenerating action of the skin barrier.
Vitamin E: For moisturizing and protective action.
Rice Oil: Reduces acne & eczema as it contains highly nourishing & anti-inflammatory properties.
?    Sweet Almond Oil: For nourishing and softening skin
?    Mother's womb-like care: Chicco Natural Sensation is the new line studied to follow the baby's skin natural development process, as in the Mother's belly. The Vernix Caseosa composition inspires all formulas; they are checked to cleanse, protect and nurture the skin, containing only the baby's skin needs.
Therefore, nothing can be more natural than the development of skin like it happens in the Mother's belly, and the all-Natural Sensation product range supports that same level of skin development, protection, moisturization, etc., after the baby's birth.
?    Tested for high tolerability: Clinically tested, safety tested, tolerability tried, and efficacy tested because every product needs to be close to Vernix caseosa.
?    Made without the use of parabens and phenoxyethanol: The product has been made without any alcohol, colourants, or soap, which might be harmful to the skin of your infants. 
?    Hypoallergenic: the lotion has been formulated to minimize the risk of allergies and is safe for the sensitive skin of new-borns. 
?    Approved by dermatologists and paediatricians: The line formulations have been subjected to a team of professionals from well-known institutions that have analysed and validated the range.

Description of the product:
Chicco baby lotion is the best product for overall development and provides enough nutrients to the baby's skin outside the Mother's belly. It is formulated and made for protecting and nurturing the skin, containing only what the baby's skin needs. As we know, moisturizing one's body is essential, whether it's summer or winter. Still, it is necessary for small children because their skin is susceptible and delicate, so they need more care, and that you need a natural product that provides comprehensive care for your baby's skin. Therefore, nothing can be more natural than using nature's development for the same growth to happen, which takes place in the Mother's belly. Chicco's new line of baby toiletries is now available! A complete line of items for caring for your baby's sensitive and delicate skin daily. From the first day, every day.

Consumer Benefits
?    Chicco provides the best baby body lotion to mimic a baby's natural skin growth.
?    This range's Body Lotion profoundly nourishes baby skin from the first application while retaining the proper level of moisture. 
?    It has a high degree of product tolerability as it is clinically safe, efficiently tested. From the beginning, it is highly recommended to nourish deeply, and it provides a proper level of hydration in your baby's skin as they are delicate and not used to the outside surroundings.
?     Chicco Natural Sensation body lotion Protects and strengthens the skin's natural barrier, allowing it to breathe. It is easily absorbable and non-greasy; thus does not cause sweat.
?    Baby Body lotion hydrates baby's skin, making it silky smooth and silky soft. It's made with sweet almond milk, which is softening and nourishing.
?    It's non-oily and absorbs quickly into the skin. Hypoallergenic and made without the use of parabens, alcohol, or dyes make it entirely safe for the baby's sensitive skin. 
?    It has been Checked in the clinic and approved by the dermatologist and the paediatrician that ensures the safety of the babies.
?    This Chicco body lotion Contains Shea Butter, which helps to regenerate the skin's barrier. It also contains Vitamin E, which has moisturizing and protective properties. 
?    There are no parabens, phenoxyethanol, alcohol, mineral oils, or colourings in this product, making it supernatural and safe for your little one.
?    The baby body lotion helps with reducing the reddishness of the skin caused due to diaper rash.
?    It soothes the baby's skin and provides cold relief to the skin. 
?    Using the lotion after bathing helps to reduce soap dryness. 

Parents have always preferred Chicco because it provides them with peace of mind and confidence that the products they use on and with their children are of the highest quality.
We have over 60 years of solid parenting experience, and, as always, we are on the lookout for new solutions. However, our guiding principles haven't changed: a laser-like focus on accuracy and strict adherence to the most stringent safety regulations. 

After taking this into account, we devise technologically advanced ways to make your parenthood as easy as possible. However, our attention is still drawn to the horizon. We continue to be driven not only by current parent needs but also by potential parent needs. We are still listening and understanding that the needs of parents can shift overtime to meet the demands of daily life. 

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