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Chicco Toothbrush (6m-3y) (Blue)

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  • Parents are always worried about their baby's dental hygiene from the very first day. Chicco produces the best baby toothbrush. It is suitable for babies from 6 months to 3 years of age. Therefore, parents would not have to worry after the emergence of the baby's first tooth. Chicco toothbrush for babies helps you to take care of your baby's dental hygiene properly.

    Features of the product:
    ?    Tapered technology bristles: 
    1.    The bristles are much thinner as compared to the base than any traditional bristles acting like a "Feather effect" on a baby's milk teeth. It does not harm the baby's gums and produces a soothing sensation in the baby's mouth.
    2.    The general bristles are incapable of reaching and cleaning every part of the mouth. The feather-like thin bristles of the Chicco toothbrush effectively get those untouched areas in the baby's mouth than any traditional bristles.
    3.    Because they are ultra-thin, they are more effective in the removal of plaque and food residues. It keeps your baby's mouth perfectly clean.

    ?    Ergonomic Anti-slip grip handle: It has an Anti-slip proof handle grip, making it very easy and comfortable for babies to hold the toothbrush. The easier it is to keep a brush, the more comfortable it becomes for babies and children to learn to brush. You will not face any problem teaching your child to brush. 

    ?    Why choose tapered technology bristles: 
    1.    The hardness of Bristle is proportional to the diameter of the Bristle width. The hardness of the Bristle increases if the diameter is more and vice-versa. That is why tapered technology bristles are ideal for the best cleaning performance.
    2.    Effective plaque removal does not depend on the amount of force applied. Choosing the right baby toothbrush with the right kind of Bristle is more critical. That is why tapered technology bristles are ideal for the best cleaning performance. Chicco baby toothbrush is the best for your baby.

    ?    Ergonomically shaped head with a thin neck: The ergonomic design of the brush gives a superior brushing of baby's and child's teeth. 

    ?    Fun-filled decorations for brushing: Chicco toothbrushes come in cute lovely decorations to make brushing time funny and lovable for babies and children. Children's love for art makes it easier for them to enjoy brushing with the Chicco toothbrush.

    ?    Comes With Bristle cover: The Bristle covers are always crucial for hygiene purposes. They keep the Bristles clean and free from germs. Every brush includes the bristle cover for maintaining the best hygiene practices.

    Product Description:
    It comes with ultra-fine tapered soft bristles, which are an ideal solution to start expert oral hygiene for your baby's first milk teeth.

    After the appearance of the first milk teeth in six months, start using a toothbrush.
    Parents know that dental hygiene habits should start initially, even before the first tooth comes in. It is crucial to make dental hygiene habitual in babies to prevent the growth of bacteria. Chicco's new Oral Care Line takes care of babies' gum and teeth during all the stages of their development, starting from the beginning.
    • The brush has a rounded head and a thin neck designed explicitly for the baby's comfort.
    • The baby's irritated gums get relieved by the innovative ultra-fine tapered bristles, which are gentle and extra-soft. They ensure proper cleaning of the baby's mouth.
    • The neck is slightly angled to reach the other parts of the mouth, which are not properly visible.
    • The handle is broad and soft with anti-slip material to make it easy for the parents and child to hold.
    • The fun decorations will make your little one giggle.
    • The brush comes with a cover to maintain hygiene.
    Available in 3 colours: Pink, Blue, and Green.

    Consumer Benefits:
    ?    The ergonomic shape of the head and the thin neck provide a thorough cleaning of the whole mouth. As parents, you would not have to worry about your child's dental hygiene.
    ?    The tapered technology used in the Bristles makes them soft, which provides gentle cleansing. It removes plaque and food residues effectively.
    ?    The Anti-Slip handle is also one of the reasons parents might buy a Chicco toothbrush. It is easy to hold and produces effective cleaning with the slightest bit of effort.
    ?    The vivid decorations keep the baby in a happy state of mind during the brushing. 
    ?    Toothbrush Bristles often tend to get covered with germs and dirt if left open. The best thing is that Chicco Toothbrushes come with a Bristle cover.

    Good to know:
    The complete baby and child's oral hygiene range for the effective and safe care of the baby's gums and teeth every day. All products are developed in collaboration with Chicco baby research centre experts to meet all the specific needs of babies and child oral health care. It also concerns a child's dental hygiene as they grow up. The range includes gum gel, toothpaste, toothbrushes across different age groups to meet the ideal requirement of a baby's oral hygiene. Chicco also offers a diverse range of products to meet the requirements of different babies. These are 2m+ chewing, 4m+ refreshing, 6m+ stimulating. 

    New Parents are often puzzled and are worried about various aspects related to their baby's hygiene. Some of the relevantly asked questions are: 
    ?    When Should You Start Brushing Baby's Teeth?
    Once the baby's first tooth starts to appear, start using a soft-bristled brush designed specifically for infants and young toddlers to brush their teeth. 
    ?    How to Brush a Baby's Teeth?
    Even if they throw tantrums, brush their teeth slowly and lightly to prevent any damage.

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