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Chicco Nappy Cream 4in1 Natural Sensation (100ml)

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  • Starts from 0 months onwards, Nappy Cream 4in1 is a baby nappy rash cream that prevents rashes caused by diapers in a baby. In addition, Chicco Natural Sensation Nappy Cream helps to restore the pH balance of your baby's skin and Heal inflammation. These are very useful for babies with sensitive skin. The Natural Sensation Nappy Cream 100ml is no doubt the right solution to nappy rashes.

    Diaper rash is a common issue faced by most babies. It is unavoidable despite taking the utmost care.

    Key Features of the products:
    ?    Active natural ingredients: Zinc Oxide 10%( soothing ), Shea Butter( regenerating action of the skin barrier), Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5)(moisturizing, softening, and relaxing), Vitamin E(moisturizing and protective action) are the active ingredients used in the product.
    ?    Mother's womb-like care:  The formula for Chicco nappy cream is inspired by the Vernix Caseosa composition. It cleanses, protects, and nurtures the skin. It is composed of what a baby's skin needs.
    ?    Tested high tolerability: It is clinically tested with a high degree of product tolerability because every product has to lie close to Vernix caseosa.
    ?    Phenoxyethanol and Paraben free: It is without parabens and phenoxyethanol. Use of Alcohol and colourants are avoided.
    ?    Hypoallergenic:  Chicco diaper rash cream is Hypoallergenic, formulated to minimize the risk of allergies.
    ?    Approved by dermatologists and paediatricians: The charge of formulations of the product is given to a team of professionals from well-known institutions that have analysed and validated the range.

    Product Description:
    Nappy protective cream -4 times effective functions

    Nappy Cream 4in1 is a Chicco diaper rash cream produced to treat rashes due to diapers. The fragrance-free formula of the cream gives extra gentle care to the baby's skin. 
    Products effectiveness:
    ?    PREVENT: It prevents irritation and redness caused by external agents counteracting the appearance of rashes and irritations. 
    ?    PROTECTS: It protects the skin and strengthens the natural defences by creating a barrier on the skin while leaving it free to breathe.
    ?     SOOTHES: It soothes the skin from the first use by restoring the integrity of the skin barrier. 
    ?    REPAIRS: It repairs the skin promoting natural regeneration of the skin barrier process. The texture is easy to apply. 

    Consumer's Benefit:
    ?    The Chicco nappy cream is the ultimate skin protection cream ideal for a baby. It is formulated to protect the baby's delicate skin and prevent diaper rashes and inflammation.
    ?     Zinc oxide helps in the formation of a breathable protective barrier on the skin. It creates a shielding effect to prevent nappy rash. Panthenol facilitates rejuvenating the skin. The nappy rash cream is free from parabens, dyes, and alcohol, making it safe for use right from birth. The prescribed presence of zinc oxide makes this cream the most suitable option for diaper rashes.
    ?    Hypoallergenic nature prevents the risk of skin allergies or irritation. Nappy cream is safe and mild. Hence use it every day to moisturize the baby's skin. 
    ?    It also prevents skin infections. It is clinically tested and can be used regularly, even on sensitive skin.
    ?    It makes the skin smooth and supple. 
    ?    Chicco Natural Sensation Nappy Cream 4 in 1 forms a safety layer that is commendable. It creates a strong protection layer between baby skin and wetness. 
    ?    The Chicco nappy rash cream has a very light smell that causes no discomfort to the baby.
    ?    The flip-open cap of the cream is sealed completely, avoiding any contamination.
    ?    Products with harmful compositions can cause severe damage to the baby's delicate skin. The Chicco 4in1 Rash cream is completely free from Parabens, Alcohol, Artificial colours, odours, and phenoxyethanol. 
    ?     Chicco Natural Sensation Nappy Cream 4 in 1 has four, prevents (diaper rashes), protects, soothes, and repairs the skin.
    ?     The texture of the cream is perfect, and the cream is very thick and shiny white.
    ?     Babies are uncomfortable when they have to deal with intense odours. Paediatricians always recommend fragrance-free products or products with less odour. Chicco 4in1 nappy cream is fragrance free and best suited for the baby. 
    ?    Much of the cream is not needed to cover a large area. Hence one tube lasts for a longer duration. 
    About Chicco creams:
     It is overwhelming to become a parent for the first time. You wish to give and do the best for your child. Unfortunately, babies cannot use the same products that we use for ourselves as their bodies are developing and prone to skin issues. Chicco offers a wide range of products that helps to maintain the daily hygiene of the baby. Diaper rash is the most common skin issue in babies. The Chicco Natural Sensation 4in1 nappy rash cream guarantees gentle treatment of the nappy rashes.
    Thus, Chicco baby products give the required safety and comfort. New-born skin is unique in its path. If you are looking for the best diaper rash creams in the market or online, then Chicco rash cream is the best for you. Chicco also supplies  Baby talcum powder, Baby wet wipes for your baby. You can also buy Chicco liquid talc, Chicco baby wipes, Chicco talcum powder for your baby. It is incredibly delicate and needs special care. Chicco products are dermatologically approved.


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