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Training Cup (200ml) (6m+) (Assorted - Blue/Green)

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The Chicco baby toothbrush is created for three to six-year-olds to provide effective and safe care to your baby's gums and milk teeth. Make your baby's brushing time more fun by using the Chicco Toothbrush that comes with ergonomic shapes and funny cartoons. In addition, the ergonomically shaped and slightly angled head makes cleaning the teeth easier!

Product features:
?    Tapered Technology Bristles: The Chicco toothbrush has very thin bristles as compared to any traditional hair. These thin bristles have a "Feather effect" on the baby's milk teeth. The feather-like bristles effectively reach untouched areas of the baby's mouth compared to traditional strands. Because the bristles are ultra-thin, they effectively remove plaque and food residues from the baby's teeth and gums. 
?    Tongue Scraper: Chicco Toothbrush is equipped with a tongue scraper. Thus it is ideal for a child's mouth.
?    Ergonomic anti-slip grip handles: The anti-slip-proof handle grip makes it easier and comfortable for the little ones to hold the toothbrush. As the process becomes more comfortable because of easy gripping, the infants learn to brush easily. 
?    Why choose tapered technology bristles: Bristle hardness is proportional to the diameter of the bristle width. Strands will be more complex if the diameter is more and vice-versa. That's why tapered technology bristles are ideal for the best cleaning performance. The amount of force used to brush is not critical for effective plaque removal. Choosing the right toothbrush with the right kind of bristles is more critical. That's why tapered technology bristles are ideal for the best cleaning performance.
?    Fun-filled decorations for brushing: The Chicco toothbrushes come with cute designs and ornaments. It makes brushing time funny and enjoyable for babies. 
?    Bristle cover for Hygiene: Every Chicco brush includes a bristle cover to ensure proper hygiene. 
?    Strong suction cup: The suction cup at the end of the Chicco baby toothbrush ensures that it is easy to hold the brush on slippery surfaces. 

Product Description:
The Chicco Toothbrush for babies is suitable for three to six-year-olds. It is a product from the Oral care products line from Chicco. Chicco toothbrush is extra delicate and has tapered technology bristles to ensure maximum gentleness to the baby's milk teeth and gums. It implies that the toothbrush is equipped with very soft bristles that have microfine ends. If bacteria build-up is prevented at the early stages, the permanent teeth develop well. 

?    The microfine bristles ensure a gentle action on the child's sensitive gums and milk teeth. Hence, because of the tapered technology bristles, the tooth enamel of the baby's doesn't get destroyed. As the bristles are ultra-thin, they clean plaque and food residues more effectively. 
?    The ergonomically shaped head of the toothbrush fits perfectly in your child's mouth. The neck of the Chicco toothbrush for babies is slightly angled, making it easier to reach the untouched parts of the mouth. 
?    The tongue scraper at the back of the head cleans the tongue with maximum gentleness. Hence the Chicco Baby Toothbrush ensures maximum hygiene with gentleness. 
?    The funny and cute designs make the daily task of brushing teeth a fun experience for children. Available in two vibrant colours, the Chicco baby toothbrush is the perfect companion for your child's dental care.

The Chicco toothbrush is the ideal product to ensure proper oral care for your little one! It is stylish, cute, and practical. The funny designs turn to brush into an exciting activity for your baby. The tapered technology bristles ensure gentle but effective cleaning action on your baby's teeth and gums and protect them against oral infections like plaque and cavities. The anti-slip handle provides a firm grip and makes it easier to hold the toothbrush. The ergonomically shaped head reaches the untouched parts of the mouth and ensures a complete cleaning action. Hence, the Chicco Toothbrush for babies keeps in check safety and hygiene for your little one. 

Good to know:
Chicco toothbrushes are available for other ages as well. It is primarily why the Chicco toothbrush proves to be an excellent companion for all the stages of your child's development. The stiff bristles of traditional toothbrushes carry along with them the risk of injuring the baby's sensitive gums and milk teeth. However, the Chicco toothbrush for three to six-year-olds comes with ultra-fine bristles that have tapered technology. It frees you from worrying about any injury happening to your baby. We understand that it can be tough to teach children about proper tooth brushing habits. 

Hence, the Chicco baby toothbrush comes with cute designs and funny cartoons to make the experience a little more engaging for them. The lightweight toothbrush ensures that your baby doesn't feel irritated while brushing. Not only this, we at Chicco ensure that hygiene is taken care of even after brushing the teeth. The Chicco toothbrush for babies comes with a bristle cover to ensure that the strands stay safe and hygienic. The Oral Care product line also consists of flavoured kinds of toothpaste specially designed for babies. The toothbrushes are best when coupled with the Chicco toothpaste. With so many premium features and affordable prices, the Chicco toothbrush is the best baby toothbrush available in the market. 

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