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Philips Professional Hair Dryer BHD356 2100w Thermoprotect Airflower

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Philips Professional Hair Dryer BHD356/10 offers powerful drying at lower temperature with the first of its kind ThermoProtect Airflower. The uniquely designed ThermoProtect Airflower powerfully mixes warm and cool air for everyday care. Equipped with 6 heat and speed settings, it lets you style your hair according to its need. The slim nozzle gives you precise styling. With its foldable design and advanced ionic care, you can enjoy shiny frizz free hair anywhere.

Key Features and Benefits:

Powerful drying with 2100W: Philips Professional Hair Dryer BHD356/10 is a 2100W hair dryer which creates powerful airflow for beautiful results every day.
Advanced ionic care for shiny, frizz free hair: This powerful ionic system generates up to
20 million ions (at the highest speed setting) per drying session, intensifying your hair's shine. So you can enjoy glossy, frizz free hair.
Foldable handle for easy storage: The compact design with foldable handle makes it easy to pack, store and take the hair dryer with you anywhere you go.
Precise control with 6 heat and speed settings: Easily pick the combination of heat and speed that works best for your hair and style. Six different settings ensure precise control for tailored styling.
Cool air setting to finish your style: The cool air setting provides a burst of cold air to finish and hold your style.
ThermoProtect attachment: The uniquely designed ThermoProtect attachment powerfully mixes warm and cool air for everyday care. It drops the temperature by 15 degree C while still drying your hair quickly.
Slim nozzle for touch ups and detailed styling: The slim nozzle precisely focuses the air, for quick touch ups and perfecting small details of your style.
Warranty: This device comes with a 2 year worldwide warranty.

How To Use:
Wash and condition your hair as normal.
Squeeze out excess moisture with a towel and comb through. Hairsprays contain flammable material do not use while using this product.
Attach the concentrators or diffuser by fitting it to the front of the hairdryer and twisting clockwise to lock it.
Plug the product into the mains power supply.
Switch your hairdryer on and select the desired speed setting using the speed selector switch.
Select the desired heat setting using the heat selector switch.
After use, turn the appliance off and unplug it.
Let the appliance cool down before cleaning or storing away.


To improve the performance and increase the life of the dryer, always keep it absolutely clean with hair and dust residue free.
Clean the dust residue and the hair strands stuck on the surface of the grille with a brush or a fine stick.
Clean when the dryer is cooled down.
Just 3 5 minutes of care at the end of your styling session can increase the life of the dryer by months.
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