Allure Professional Makeup Brush ( Highligher - 141)

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The ideal tool for applying concealer products around the eyes and on other blemishes. The handcrafted Allure 141 Highlighter Buffer brush allows coverage of dark circles, small spots, and redness on corners of the face for a flawless and natural makeup finish. This ultra-soft, tapered design places the product exactly where you want it with ease. Exclusive man-made fibers.


� Concealer buffer brush is the perfect make up tool to cover up dark circles or discolorations
� Ideal for applying and blending full coverage foundation seamlessly and easily
� These professional quality makeup brushes pick product nicely and blend it all seamlessly.
� The soft bristles are gentle on skin, offer optimum coverage with minimal product waste.
� Dressed with the exclusive man-made Fibers Bristles and Superior Wooden Handle.
� The brushes are ideal for a daily makeup routine as well looks with extravagance.
� It's the perfect gift for any aspiring MUA or jet-setting beauty maven.
� To avoid confusion, each one has its name (defining its purpose) helpfully written on the handle.
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