Allure Professional Makeup Brush ( Pencil - 231)

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Pencil brush like a tapered, triangular rounded -shaped brush that's made for precise eye makeup application. Allure Professional 231 Pencil brush, Exclusive man-made Fibers bristles, is perfect to address tiny details, like shading, and smoothing along the lash line or in the creases of your eyelid. It comes in a gorgeous zipper brush bag for easy portability.

� Pencil brush with compact, triangular rounded-shaped brush head for precise application
� Dressed with the finest natural hair, and superior wooden handles.
� Long-haired brush that allows precise application of makeup
� These professional quality makeup brushes pick product nicely and blend it all seamlessly.
� The soft bristles are gentle on skin, offer optimum coverage with minimal product waste.
� The brushes are ideal for a daily makeup routine as well looks with extravagance.
� It's the perfect gift for any aspiring MUA or jet-setting beauty maven.
� To avoid confusion, each one has its name (defining its purpose) helpfully written on the handle.
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